Monday, 19 March 2012

How communication effects in Business.

Well this sounds is really good because as the title describe itself it's completely about communication. First thing before starting the formal posting I want to tell you is that let's imagine that you invited someone to meet up and discuss your problem and issues with him or her what you will do.

i- Treat him/her in good manner.
ii- Communicate with him/her wisely and gently.
iii- Tell him/her about your ongoing issues.
iv- Give him/her the complete information regarding your ensuing matter.
v- Tell all these things in short and complete manner. (no repetitions).

Alright If it is & you will do the same then I must say you are right. now compare these things in business terminology what exactly it is. It is a professional conversation no matter about meeting, about product, about campaign, about solutions, about technical aspects or anything like that. 

Yes Now come to the main part of this post the purpose to tell you the above-things are just to prepare your mind about what communication is. In business communication plays a role of "Backbone" or you call it a Spinal Cord of business. If you did not satisfy your customer you will no more able to get the contract ask for the service and these things will come after many things first I would like to mention in this post that you will miss the chance to interact with the customer or the client or the party next time. It is a big loss for you and your business as well.

That why in Business we follow some rules and regulation for the communication that is know as "7c's of Business Communication". Below it is described in detail what is this along-with the details.

The message is said to be effective when the receiver understands the same meaning that the sender was intended to convey. For any communication in business, in order to be effective, it must have seven qualities. These seven attributes are called seven C’s of effective business communication. (All these attribute starts with the alphabet ‘C’ so are called 7 C’s)

Seven C’s of Effective Business Communication

  1. Correctness
  2. Clarity
  3. Conciseness
  4. Completeness
  5. Consideration
  6. Concreteness
  7. Courtesy
  1. Correctness

    At the time of encoding, if the encoder has comprehensive knowledge about the decoder of message, it makes the communication an ease. The encoder should know the status, knowledge and educational background of the decoder. Correctness means:
    • Use the right level of language
    • Correct use of grammar, spelling and punctuation
    • Accuracy in stating facts and figures
    Correctness in message helps in building confidence.
  2. Clarity

    Clarity demands the use of simple language and easy sentence structure in composing the message. When there is clarity in presenting ideas, it’s easy for the receiver/decoder to grasp the meaning being conveyed by the sender/encoder.
    Clarity makes comprehension easier.
  3. Conciseness

    A concise message saves time of both the sender and the receiver. Conciseness, in a business message, can be achieved by avoiding wordy expressions and repetition. Using brief and to the point sentences, including relevant material makes the message concise. Achieving conciseness does not mean to loose completeness of message.
    Conciseness saves time.
  4. Completeness

    By completeness means the message must bear all the necessary information to bring the response you desire. The sender should answer all the questions and with facts and figures. and when desirable, go for extra details.
    Completeness brings the desired response.
  5. Consideration

    Consideration demands to put oneself in the place of receiver while composing a message. It refers to the use of You attitude, emphases positive pleasant facts, visualizing reader’s problems, desires, emotions and his response.
    Consideration means understanding of human nature.
  6. Concreteness

    Being definite, vivid and specific rather than vague, obscure and general leads to concreteness of the message. Facts and figures being presented in the message should be specif.
    Concreteness reinforces confidence.
  7. Courtesy

    In business, almost everything starts and ends in courtesy. Courtesy means not only thinking about receiver but also valuing his feelings. Much can be achieved by using polite words and gestures, being appreciative, thoughtful, tactful, and showing respect to the receiver. Courtesy builds goodwill.

    I hope that you will enjoy reading the post and find it informative and valuable. I would like to thank GOD for the blessings my devoted Father Syed Mansoor Hussain Kazmi for his ultimate support and bid contribution in my studies my esteemed teachers specially Mr. Ayaz Ghazi. I learned alot from all of them and last but not the least Prof who taught me the Business Communication course he is one of the greatest teacher I meet in my life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


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