Thursday, 14 April 2011

Online working like Ad posting on classified Sites and form filling works

Dear Friends I found this article and i think that it will help for those people who work online to support there studies and feed there families also.

Do you have certainclassified sites that you like?  Do you know ofcertain classifieds sites that are good for yourproduct?   Did you know there are over 7 millionindividual classifieds on the Internet and growing?
Having a good list ofclassified sites in a database is good, but with any classified submissionsoftware you need to be able to add your own classified sites at anytime.  The Classified Connection and its "ClassifiedEngines" allow you to add classifieds to your database simply andeasily(we even have videos to show you how).
Ourrevolutionary new "Classified Engines"technology will physically map out the posting procedures to virtuallyany classified site on the Internet, even if you need to login.  Youtell The Classified Connection what to do and it does it doesthe rest.  Find a new site that’s not in the databaseand add it!
Being able to add new sitesto your personal database of site is very powerful.  The ClassifiedConnection is the only classified submission software that contains thislevel of technology.   Your software will never beoutdated or get old.  You can always add new sites.  Youcan always post free classified ads.
If you havenot downloaded and installed a demo; download and save this file to afolder on your computer and install:
(copy and paste link into browser addressbar if link is not active)

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